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LETS is a group of companies that specialises in language teaching and language teacher training. The LETS group is based in the heart of Madrid and is made up of:

TtMadrid: a teacher training school that offers four-week intensive accredited TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) courses

LAE Madrid: a Spanish Academy for adults, accredited by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes

LAE Kids: a Spanish Academy for young learners and families

LAE Formación: a teacher training school that offers four-week intensive courses to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE)

On-Español: a Virtual Spanish Academy, which offers individual Spanish classes with native teachers online.

All of its students receive the highest standard of learning, the latest pedagogical techniques and, most importantly, everything is focused on learning in a fun and dynamic way. The LETS family of qualified trainers and teachers is chosen carefully to make sure that every student feels like they have achieved their goals and that we surpass their expectations.

LETS started in 2005 when owner, Natasha Mason, who has lived in Spain since 2002, moved from the rat race in London to the sunny streets of Madrid. Situated in leafy barrio Salamanca in the heart of Madrid, LETS has welcomed thousands of students through its doors, while ensuring each one received a personalized experience.

I’m Natasha Mason, the owner of LETS Madrid. LETS was created to add some flair, passion and love to the teaching and training sector. We pride ourselves on managing expectations, and then meeting and surpassing them. Why are we different to other TEFL courses and Spanish academies? Well, although we aren’t reinventing the wheel, we offer something that is often difficult to find: flawless quality and fantastic customer service. Get in touch with our team and join the LETS community!

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